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Currently we are 16 members and growing,  from across the Kootenay Boundary region in BC.

Fourteen are farms and two are food producers. 

They are located in: Greater Nelson Area, Glade, Argenta, Meadow Creek, Salmo, Nelway, Fruitvale, South Slocan, Slocan, Nakusp and Creston.


Just-A-Mere Organic Farm ~ Erickson
Danny and Miranda Turner, Owners ImageJustAMere

Nestled in the middle of the beautiful Creston Valley, our farm is certified organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS).  We offer some of the best quality Rainier, Skeena and Sweetheart cherries in Canada. The farm has 14 acres of land and produces cherries, apples, blueberries, melons and field crops like asparagus, corn, squash and pumpkin. The farm has a natural pond which allows access to excellent biodynamic pest control for the orchard blocks.  Imagine the most coveted organic cherries grown in the most beautiful setting with a dedicated staff that includes the family of the farm’s original owners.  If you have not tried an organic Rainier cherry from our farm you are missing something truly special.   So much care goes into meeting and maintaining our organic certification and to growing truly exceptional fruit in the Kootenays.

You can find our fruit at many locations including; Ferraro Foods, Save On, Liberty Foods. www.justamerefarm.ca

Nelson & Surrounding Area

Aurora Gardens, North Shore Nelson
Brenda Hyshka, OwnerImageAuroraGardens

“Working outside and connecting to the earth is in my blood. I love the creativity of the growing ~ seeing the life cycle of everything, ever since I’ve been a kid running around in ‘bear’ feet all summer.  The wonderful joy that fills my soul when people who have helped us grow our gardens, become gardeners themselves ~ that, is when I’m most in my element!”

We are a small one acre, market garden consisting of four separate gardens and two small green houses.  Raised beds and relay planting allows us to grow a good variety of fruit, edible flowers, mixed vegetables & herbs in limited space. This was the original homestead on Long Beach Rd, and has been our family home for 30 years. As our family grew so did our gardens. About 15 years ago we decided to market some of the extra produce. It soon became evident that we could help to fill a need for locally grown produce.
We are certified ‘Kootenay Mountain Grown’. Because of the small size of our gardens we are able to do 95% of the work with hand tools. This enables us to further reduce our carbon footprint. All our produce has been grown in our gardens. The produce is picked 48 hours (or less) before delivery when possible, to ensure the freshest and best quality. We continue to look for new, ecologically sensitive and productive ways of gardening “ S.L.O. “ {Small Local Organic}. Sustainability is our cornerstone, from companion and small plot planting to soil replenishment, with an emphasis on mulching and composting. We are passionate about our food source being one of the most important issues of our time.

Currently we sell farm-gate to local families, to grocery stores; Save On Foods, Ferraro Foods, Liberty Foods, Kootenay Co-op & kitchen, Ellison’s Market, and to restaurants; Vienna Café, The Outer Clove, The Red Light, Mountain Trek Health Spa, Pitch Fork and Torchlight Brewing Co. Follow us on facebook: @Aurora Gardens.

Bear Spring Farm & Dutch Girl Peonies ~ Beasley
Marvin and Adriana Work, OwnersImageBearSpring1

“We are passionate about growing healthy local flowers and food. Being stewards of our land, mentoring others to learn how to grow and fostering food resiliency in our community are areas we have focussed great attention on!”  

We are a small certified Kootenay Mountain Grown farm raising livestock and growing peonies, fruits and vegetables. We raise grass-fed Black Angus beef cattle. We have farmed on and off since 1975 raising beef cattle, milk cows, pigs, layers and meat birds, as well as growing peonies and vegetables. Our 70 varieties of peony roots and blooms are chemical and spray free as well as all our farm produce and grass fed beef.

We are always looking for improved farming methods to maintain healthy soil and plants. We use cover crops and practice rotational grazing with our cattle using portable electric fencing, often moving the cattle daily. The cattle enrich the soil, reduce the weed population, spread desirable grass seeds and annually provide some 50 tons of manure. With compost, cover crops, crop rotation, and re-mineralization using soil test prescriptions, we are excited to be supplying local retailers and consumers with increasingly delicious and nutritious crops.

We offer farm-gate sales for our beef and vegetables and online sales for peonies at www.peonyfarm.ca.

Chuckleberry Farm ~ Beasley

Glade Organics Farm ~ Glade

Valerie’s Fermented Foods and Seasonal Soups ~ Nelson
Valerie Sanderson, OwnerImageValerie

“I am passionate about re-localization of our food system. I started my business because I wanted to buy food from local farmers and create food that promotes them!”

I produce soups and sauerkrauts in my 200 square foot commercial kitchen. When I began in 2011, the company was known as Soups in Season, but have since changed the name to reflect my expanded product selection. I offer 3 different flavours of sauerkraut sold at retail and 30 different soups that I sell to restaurants.

My philosophy of buying local certified organic ingredients has affected my choice of recipes – I create soups that have ingredients that are likely to be available at the same time and use what we have in abundance. This has affected the creation of infrastructure around the property that supports my business – like building a mostly below ground root cellar and a dry storage room in our garage to preserve the local bounty of ingredients.

Currently, all of the soups sold at the Kootenay Bakery and Railtown Coffeehouse and some of the soups at  Oso Negro and Ellison’s Market are from my kitchen. My sauerkraut is sold at the Kootenay Coop in the packaged sauerkraut section, at their salad bar and in their Reuben sandwiches. I sell packaged soup, sauerkraut and kombucha at Burrell’s convenience store in Uphill. I live in Uhhill and almost all of my food is sold within Nelson with a little of sauerkraut going to Nakusp and Crawford Bay.  I am a strong believer in keeping things local.

Also on our property is the Uphill Bakery run by my husband.  As well as supporting local food systems and organics, we try to use sustainable practices wherever we can. We minimize our energy use in a variety of ways, are exploring the use of electric vehicles for our deliveries and consider the environmental impact of our packaging.

North Kootenay Lake

Bon Bio Farm ~ Meadow Creek
Dick Martin, Brock Snyder, Principals & General WorkersImageBonBio1

“We are more than just a farm we are individuals seeking to build community that affirms life in and around us through mutual affinity.”

Bon Bio is certified Kootenay Mountain Grown (KMG) and currently with one hectare under cultivation, we grow winter roots; potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, beets, garlic, squash etc. and summer greens of various sorts.
Our main focus is to be a sustainable natural process market garden. Our focus is vegetable produce both for summer market and winter storage crops. We expect to expand on this as our community realizes.

Our farm is a shared experience that is organized on the basis of affinity, those that participate also share in the management organizational responsibilities. We believe not only in high productive capacity but also that the fertility of the soil can be maintained and improved every year with good organic methods. We use bio-intensive methods that include double digging and raised beds which are fertilized with compost organic matter and mulch, as well as organic complimentary soil amendments.  Appropriate use of rotavation and ploughing in field preparation followed by manual row preparation and weeding, no GMO, no chemical pesticide/herbicide.

We offer farm-gate sales, sell at local farmer’s markets and fairs and sometimes to local stores in Meadow Creek and Kaslo.

Earth Temple Gardens Farm, Meadow CreekImageEarthTemple1
Michael Silver, Owner

“It is very natural and healthy for me to be in the garden, and I seem to have a green thumb. For me, the soil is a blank canvas and I’m constantly delighted by the possibilities of textures, colours and patterns I create on the fields to grow the richest, most vibrant healthy food possible.“

On just under 3 acres and with the help of a staff of three, we have active garden sites in Argenta and Meadow Creek. We grow; salad greens, varieties of lettuce heads, varieties of cabbages for sauerkraut, green and red cabbage, varieties of herbs, green onions, radishes, summer squash, bunch carrots, winter carrots and winter beets. Plant starts are germinated in a small greenhouse and this year we are adding several greenhouses for crop extensions.

We are committed to producing high quality, nutrient-dense organic vegetables in the most sustainable way possible to nourish our local communities while enriching and supporting the biodiversity of the land.
We believe that the application of traditional farming techniques to organic food production allows us to cultivate deep appreciation for and connection with the land. A lot of what we do is by hand ~ regenerative farming practices. We are certified organic through the Kootenay Organic Growers Society. A major emphasis in our food production is on growing varieties of vegetables which are naturally suited to our climate, thereby preserving local diversity while helping to build healthy communities. These locally produced vegetables offer us a deepened health base that we can share at the table with family and friends.

You can find our food in Kaslo at the Kaslo Farmers Market, Cornicopia, Front Street Market, Blue Bella Bistro, Sunnyside Naturals, Appy Café, Taqueria El Corazon. In Nelson at, Ellison’s Market, Kootenay Coop, Save On, Karma Sushi, All Seasons, Yum Sum, Red Light Ramen, El Taco, La Bomba Dell’Amore (formerly Max & Irma’s), and in the kitchen of Valerie’s Fermented Foods and Seasonal Soups. In the valley at Slocan Valley Coop and Slocan Village Market and in Fruitvale at Liberty Foods. Follow us on Instagram at: #earthtemplegardens.

Willet Peak Organics Farm ~ Argenta

Salmo / Trail

Earthy Organics Farm ~ Fruitvale
Jeanine Powell and John Abenante, OwnersImageEarthyOrganics1
The Great Pyrenees, Greeters

“We grow beautiful colourful food that nourishes our community and our families.  And we really love to do it!”

A family farm since 2003, we are certified organic and grow vegetables, fruits, herbs, cut flowers and raise hens for egg production. Everything from microgreens, basil and thyme, pears, raspberries, mixed greens, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, tomatillos, carrots, beets, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, summer squash, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans and potatoes. We lease neighbouring land and yield 14 tons of hay production. This year, check our latest cut flowers.

We believe that the place you live should be treated with respect.  It will give you food, shelter and a place to call home.  Natural and sustainable agriculture is possibly one of the best things we can think of doing on our farm. We are certified organic through the Kootenay Organic Growers Society. We care for the land and all of the animals, bugs, soil, plants and water than run over it.

You can find our food at these retailers; Save On Foods, Ellison’s Market, Ferraro Foods, at the Trail and Rossland farmers markets and personally as a CSA member or by ordering our market baskets online. Our green houses extend our growing season for greens and developing seedlings for sale in the spring.

We are committed to participating in the growing Kootenay food security movement. We teach an early spring course on how to grow organically in every micro location. We have farm tours for schools and offer talks on a variety of organic farming topics. Learn more at:  www.earthyorganics.ca.

Iron Bluff Farm ~ Salmo

Dave Gooch has been farming for over 35 years in BC.  He has extensive working knowledge of both plants and animals in a farm. Dave’s expertise, knowledge and passion for local organic farming is apparent not only through the quality of his produce but his willingness to support the community. He has been a Certified Organic Farmer for 17 of those years. Although he is currently un-certified, Dave is working on his Kootenay Mountain Grown certification.

Salix and Sedge Farm, Salmo
Cali Olleck | Brendan Parsons, Owners, ManagersImageSalixSedge1

“We both want work that is meaningful, mentally and physically challenging, and that connects us to our community. We love working outside and being in tune with our environment and the weather. We are inspired by flavour and beauty, and love being able to share delicious produce with our customers!”

We are a small certified organic vegetable farm, and 2018 is our 4th growing season. With the help of some Berkshire pigs we have been converting old pasture and sedge meadows into vegetable beds. The majority of our property is vibrant wetlands home to a vast assortment of flora and fauna including beavers, moose, pileated woodpeckers and snipes. Farming on the edge of this abundance means that our soil is incredibly rich and high in organic matter. We aim to be responsible stewards of our land, and to continue to provide our community with fresh, tasty and nutrient dense food for years to come!

Our property is 20 acres, which is mostly forested wetland. Between our property and a neighbouring parcel that we are leasing, we have about an acre and a half in production. Salix and Sedge Farm exists to grow healthy, high quality food for our local community. We want to achieve this through hard work, focused management and innovation while maintaining respect and care for our land, animals and ecosystems. We are certified organic through the Kootenay Organic Growers Society, and we focus a lot of our energy on building and caring for our soil.

Currently we grow a wide range of mixed vegetables, from pac choi to carrots, we aim to be harvesting crops from mid May until the end of October. We grow our crops using small scale, intensive techniques. All of our crops are transplanted by hand, or direct seeded with precision seeders. We control weeds through stale seedbeds, flame weeding, hand tools and mulches. Yearly soil tests guide our soil building and re-mineralization program to help us grow nutrient dense food.

Our primary focus is growing food for our CSA members. You can also find us at the Salmo Farmer’s Market Thursday evenings in summer and at retail at Kootenay Coop and various other retailers and restaurants around Nelson. More information about our CSA can be found at:  www.salixandsedge.ca.


Willow Springs Farm ~ Nelway
Willy Fuder, Owner

Willow Springs is an ever-evolving sustainable farm that supplies organically grown fruit and vegetables to local farmers markets and co-ops, located in the south-central Kootenay’s, near the confluence of the Salmo and Pend d’Orielle Rivers.  Full southern exposure and a 1700 foot elevation affords us several weeks of frost free weather on both ends of the growing season that most farms in the area don’t get.  This micro-climate allows us to grow “hard to finish” crops like Quinoa, tobacco, Walla Wala onions, and grapes.  It also provides us with early harvests on crops like Heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers enabling us to compete with our neighboring farmers in the Okanogan and even the Lower mainland. The mild winters at the farm also make fall and winter crops a viable option.  We plant spinach, lettuce, Kale, and Walla Walla onion seeds in our Walipini underground greenhouse in September, and they grow with no supplemental heat all winter.

Pigs, rabbits, and chickens not only supply our family with healthy organically raised protein; but their and the horses manure supply our gardens with our own high grade hot compost year after year. Pest control is accomplished with eco-friendly sprays made of our own organically grown tobacco, cayenne peppers, and garlic.  Companion planting tomatoes with basil, and cucumbers with peppers and garlic, etc.; help keep our produce safe from pests as does proper crop rotation.  NO chemical sprays, fertilizers, or GMO seeds are used. Our off-grid, out-of-cell service location is alive with pollination specialist bumble bees, attracted by the many perennial flowers and herbs in the gardens.  All annuals are planted and harvested in the proper moon sign which is reputed to increase growth up to 30%.  They are kept hydrated with sparkling pure spring water that also increases yields and gives our veggies that “real food” taste that is so rare these days.  One young boy told his Mom that our “carrots taste like sun-shine!” and our first-time customers almost always become full-time, faithful clients.

Slocan / Arrow Lakes

Belicious Pure Chocolate Alchemy ~ Slocan Valley
Beth Campbell, OwnerBeliciousImage

A small batch chocolate producer offering specialty chocolate bars and seasonal items, made from single origin cacao and sourced as direct as possible. Their bars are sweetened with coconut sugar and many are made with added superfoods, such as maca, reishi, camu camu and lucuma and for increased nutrition, vitamins, and minerals, turning your chocolate “indulgence” into real food. They source certified organic, Rainforest alliance certified and locally produced ingredients. They strive to ensure fair practices by only sourcing cacao from companies who work directly with the farmers, ensuring more money goes direct to them. Visit them at: www.belicious.ca

Havesome Hogs Farm, South Slocan
Jim Ross, OwnerImageHavesomeHogs

“Raising pigs the old fashioned way, with care and attention. We started our farm to grow meat for locals who love good food!”

Havesome Hogs is a small Kootenay farm. We grow heritage breed hogs the natural way.  Each year we grow 40 plus hogs from birth to harvest. We maintain our own breeding stock and know exactly how our animals are fed and treated from farrow to finish.

I started farming due to his uncertainty about animal husbandry practices on large commercial pig farms. Painful practices are common in commercial pig farming, that didn’t sit well with me. I wanted a better life for my pigs. So to ensure the animals that nourished my family were raised humanely, I rolled up my sleeves, put on my gumboots and learned the skills needed to succeed as an ethical farmer.

In 2014 we became the first farm between the Lower Mainland to east of the Rocky Mountains to become SPCA Certified. We don’t use antibiotics, hormones or drugs of any kind unless animals are sick.  With our hardy heritage breed hogs, this rarely happens. We feed a mixed ration grown by a farmer in Cowley, Alberta, and spent grains from Nelson Brewing Company. We also feed compost and fruit from local restaurants and fruit stands. In 2015, we recycled 400,000 pounds of waste from local businesses as hog and sheep feed. 

We sell to stores and restaurants and have those animals slaughtered in Creston and Rock Creek at inspected facilities. You can buy our pork at our farm-gate. For ordering information, check www.hogs.farm

Spicer’s Farm ~ Nakusp