Benefits of Co-op to Members

KBFPC is THE CO-OPERATIVE for & by Local Farmers & Food Producers

Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op Member Benefits for Growers includes:

  • Keeps the farmer at the farm more, as the Co-op handles all sales, administration and shipping of market distribution to retailers and restaurants
  • Less administrative duties for the farmer
  • Better marketing for the farmer through the Co-op
  • Recognized through the community by the Co-op

Gain access to wholesale markets in Kootenay & Boundary through our sales channels and shared infrastructure. KBFPC continues to expand market distribution services.  We will continue to pursueLogo_1KBFPCSquare strategies that support cost-efficiencies, volume and quality of product and expansion of farmers and food producers.

KBFPC makes market distribution to new customers easy. The KBFPC coordinator is your one-stop-contact point between you and numerous Kootenay wholesale grocery retail customers, providing you with:

•    One-stop marketing services to facilitate getting your food to wholesale local retail customers for the growing season
•    Lists what you have available for sale weekly
•    Set fair wholesale prices with you throughout the season
•    Lines up new customers for your products & volumes
•    KBFPC manages sales, orders, invoicing, payments
•    Provides reliable and consistent delivery service
•    Ensures product trace-ability by member
•    Provides labeling standards. In addition:

•    Provides liability insurance to KBFPC customers
•    Chain of custody tracking
•    Provides excellent customer service

This year we offered access to a shared labour service. Our plans for the future include providing our own transportation and cold storage. We are exploring how to support the need for an abattoir in the West Kootenay and providing bulk buying and delivery of feed and hay.  

KBFPC – growing the business of local food.