Interest in Locally Grown Food is Growing!

In February, we hit the streets and called on restaurants and grocery stores to see what crops they would be interested in purchasing from our local farmer members this season. The response has been incredibly positive!

Many businesses want food from our local growers and are literally excited about the work KBFPC is doing to make it easier for them to offer local food to their customers.

As one chef said; simply put, I need reliability and consistency and a dependable weekly delivery. And that is what KBFPC delivers!  We make it easy for growers and easy for customers ~ we are the only one-stop-contact, linking numerous local Kootenay & Boundary growers to numerous wholesale restaurants and grocery retail customers in the Kootenay & Boundary.

Here are some of the things we heard our local grocery stores saying:
•    “more and more customers are asking us for organic”
•    “our customers want local ~ within 150 miles ~ sustainable growing practices are important to them, they don’t have to be organic”
•    “we just want local, period”
Here are some of the things we heard our local chefs saying:
•    “we will create specials on our menu with fresh ingredients from local farms”
•    “we already buy from local farmers”  …and to that we say great! What else do you need outside of what you are already getting from local growers!