Food Sustainability

Kootenay & BoundaryFood Producers Co-op is a group of small food producers banding together to become more viable in creating a vital support service selling to local stores and restaurants. Seek out our seal on local produce in your grocery store and help us help by buying our food – we will grow stronger if we co-operate. The benefits of buying LOCAL are well documented.  It is fresher (and therefore more nutritious); it hasn’t traveled hundreds of miles (and is therefore climate friend...

Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op Thank you!

To all of our 2015 contributors... You are the best! You went the extra mile, you took time and you paid attention! Not only did you support us, but you gave us a big high-five that you believe in us! The Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op has the vision and direction to implement and build an infrastructure designed to support our local farmers and food processors into a sustainable local food movement… but without your support, it won’t happen – and you made sure that obstacle isn...