Summer Fundraiser

Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op is creating the reality of local food sustainability and keeping local $ in our region.


Let’s make something extraordinary happen and build towards a resilient future for agriculture and our local small business farmers and food producers in Kootenay Boundary.

Any contribution helps!

The Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op (KBFPC) is passionate about increasing agricultural production and access to healthy local food in our stores, restaurants and for food processors. We are passionate about co-operating with all & other food groups in our region to make this a reality. Our KBFPC focus is unique in our region, in that we focus on building new business customers for small business farm members, handle all the logistics for them from sales, and order fulfillment through distribution.   We want to increase their business success while handling all the details for them.  We are frugal with our expenses and make our dollars go far.

KBFPC  management is a  group of volunteers who are passionate about building a resilient local food economy and are doing whatever we can to birth a resilient sustainable food future into our reality.  KBFPC is truly a service, for locals by locals.

The Status Quo

Droughts, climate change and the cost of oil, as well as the increasing awareness of the negative health impacts of processed foods demand that we change our dependence on the current system. How can we be aware and NOT thirst for change?

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The Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op’s Plan

We have done the studies and mapped the needs. We are creating the infrastructure to support small business farms in ways to stay on their farms longer and grow more by providing auxiliary services that supports growth and production capacity. Members are supported by growing facilities and distribution that create more jobs and retain more $$ in the region. More then 5 different regional studies have shown that this work is critical to the ability of farmers in the Kootenay’s to make a living growing food. We are working with other food organizations in the area to ensure we compliment and work together cooperatively.

Help us Gain the Momentum & Contribute!  Funds raised this summer will ensure this is a solid development year!

KBFPC provides a business market distribution service for small farm and food producer businesses ~ coordinating sales, orders, and distribution –  to an increasing list of new customers. We take care of the logistics required to find new customers, sell, take orders, instruct farmers what to pick, how to pack, and prepare food at pickup for delivery to a growing list of customers: stores, restaurants and food production processors in our region.

This year we provided a subsidized labor pool, and are working to create affordable local storage facilities to extend the local sales season.

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Contribute this summer!   

Thanks for helping us operate throughout the summer and continue the good work.