Food Sustainability

Kootenay & BoundaryFood Producers Co-op is a group of small food producers banding together to become more viable in creatLogo_1KBFPCSquareing a vital support service selling to local stores and restaurants. Seek out our seal on local produce in your grocery store and help us help by buying our food – we will grow stronger if we co-operate.

The benefits of buying LOCAL are well documented.  It is fresher (and therefore more nutritious); it hasn’t traveled hundreds of miles (and is therefore climate friendly); it keeps your money in the region which builds economic resiliency for us all.

We are from all across the region including; Fruitvale, Argenta, Creston, Grand Forks, Winlaw, Nelway, Salmo and Nelson. Local grocery stores and restaurants in Trail, Rossland, Castlgar, Slocan and Nelson are purchasing our food through the Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op (KBFPC).  We are collaborating with other established food groups like Kootenay Local Agriculture Society to maximize our efforts.

There is so much goodness in buying local food.  Our local farming practices include sustainable soil development that delivers richer soils without using toxic chemicals and grows food that is higher in nutritional value with a lower environmental footprint.  Our food nourishes bees, butterflies and all the pollinators needed for abundant produce.  While as consumers we do need to buy some imported food, society has come to realize the industrial food supply chain is causing health and environmental problems that could be averted if we bought food that is grown locally using sustainable food practices.

We are privileged to live is such a beautiful part of the world. As a community we are intelligent and engaged in the issues that affect our region. Food security is just one. But let’s choose to get this ‘food thing’ right – it will take people all across our region to breathe life into it.  We food producer members are proud to embrace the vision of integrity, thoroughness and commitment to promoting local food consumption using, sustainable and humane practices in our local food sources. The KBFPC is truly a service for locals by locals.

Kootenay & Boundary Food Producers Co-op has launched it’s second year of operations of helping local farmers find markets, offering distribution and storage services.

In Kootenay & Boundary our journey is just beginning towards local food sustainability. The first step is to rebuild the distribution system to get that fresh produce to stores and restaurants, and create storage facilities so the goodness of local produce can by available later into the winter.  These kinds of supports for small farmers disappeared as the large industrial farming model became popular.

There are several ways you can help right now; buy local.  Look for our seal on packaging.  Help us get the word out, and if you have time and passion, we’d love to have you on our team, contact us to find out how. We operate as a volunteer management team.

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